Real Estate


Due to the continuous growth of the Chilean economy, the major cities of Chile are in the middle of a demand driven real estate boom that offers many attractive opportunities for investors. Several large European finance institutions, as well as real estate investment funds, have already investigated this market, and have made considerable investments in Chilean Real Estate in order to profit from this booming market.


The Chilean investment arm of Generations Forward has created its own real estate subsidiaries which have acquired a diversified real estate portfolio covering seven cities from Arica in the north, across the country to Puerto Montt in the south, with a special focus on the most dynamic sectors of the capital Santiago. All of our own properties in Chile are on prime locations and in addition to exceptional returns also promise an increase in value.


Our understanding of the dynamics of the most promising growing cities, our excellent relations with local banks as well as a valuable personal network with local real estate experts, allow us to assist other investors in the development of this market. We can support you, whether your focus is on rental income or on the development of real estate projects.