Investments Chile: Economy

Chile Is

The 30th most-competitive country in the world and the most-competitive in Latin America (Global Competitiveness Report 09/10).

The biggest exporter of Copper and additionally an important exporter of Gold.

The second-largest producer of Salmon.

An important exporter of fruits, wood, and wine.

An important finance center within Latin America.

The first South American member of the OECD (2010).


Despite consistent growth over the last decade, Chile has still strong growth potential in the future and could therefore be described as a well-developed emerging market. Chile combines excellent growth with very low debt, a well-financed social security structure, low unemployment, and low inflation. Chile has established free trade deals with many countries, while custom tariffs for most products have been abolished or significantly reduced. Foreign and domestic investors receive equal treatment due to the transparent and efficient investment regime.

Chile Offers

A high level of education.
A large middle class.
A stable democracy.
A clear, efficient, transparent, and stable regulatory framework.
A system with strong and autonomous institutions with low corruption.
A stable, independent, and efficient judicial system. Contractual agreements in Chile are the most secure in Latin America.